- Mission Statement -

To be an advocate for our customers in finding the right products and services that meet or exceed their expectation. Treat customers with respect while developing long term relationships. Exemplify the highest levels of ethical behavior and never ever compromise integrity.


Who is Crisp Family Insurance?


Gary and Gina Crisp began their professional careers in Kentucky. Gary as a crew member in the oil & gas industry and Gina as a teacher. In their early years of marriage Gina could be found most evenings working in her classroom making sure everything was just right for her students. She felt a calling from an early age to help those less fortunate. Gina stated, “My most rewarding days teaching were those days when the light of learning could be seen in the eyes of young students building self-esteem”.

Gary could be found most evenings volunteering for the local high school football team as an assistant coach. He speaks about that time in his life, “I learned a lot over the course of 6 years with the team, what I learned most was how to deal with the different personalities within the team. Different people are motivated by different things and making work relevant to the individual allows the individual to respond in a way that makes the team effective. We rarely talked to the team about winning, we spent most of our time doing the things that winners do”. The philosophy of doing what winners do led to four of the six years playing for either a region or state championship.


As Gary advanced in his career, it became necessary for the family to move from Kentucky to West Virginia. Having young children in school and moving to a new state Gina decided to forgo her professional career and handle the much harder task of managing the family in the new location. Her sacrifice allowed Gary to concentrate on his career which led to another move. This move was to the Canton / Massillon Ohio area in Jackson Township. Gina once again sacrificed her career to help Gary and the children assimilate to a new area. The Crisp family was in Ohio for two years before the door of opportunity knocked again and they moved from the Northeast where they had called home all their lives to a community north of Dallas, Texas. This move was different in that only Gina, Gary and Mason moved leaving Ashton as a sophomore at Kent State University.

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The next couple of years were trying times in the oil & gas industry and Gary’s position as Vice President of Commercial Operations required spending most of his time dealing with an industry in crisis with low oil & gas price. After two years of trying to keep things moving in a positive direction the company decided to move operations from Dallas to Houston, Texas. It was at this point that the Crisp family decided to stop the carousel of change, move back to the Northeast, get rooted in the community and begin the journey of opening their own business.  After looking at many opportunities, it was decided the insurance business was the right fit for the family.

Over the course of two years both Gina and Gary became licensed and for a short time Gary was given the opportunity to work as a captive agent. This opportunity proved to be an excellent opportunity to learn the Insurance business as well as understand the difference between the role as a captive agent working for an insurance company VS an independent agent working for the customer.

In our agency we listen to our customers and help find products that meet their needs that are competitively priced in the market place.  Given our background and how we value our personal relationship with the community we decided to open Crisp Insurance Management LLC. WE ARE AN INDEPENDENT AGENCY WORKING FOR YOU THE CUSTOMER!