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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

Insurance can be sold through captive agents, independent agents, or directly to the consumer through the internet.  A captive insurance agent is an agent who only works for one company. This means he or she only knows one company’s products, policies, or guidelines.  An independent insurance agent is someone who does not work for a particular insurance company, but instead can sell policies from multiple companies. Crisp Insurance Management LLC is an independent insurance agency working for you the customer! Keep reading to fully understand what that means for you.  

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Insurance Horror Stories are Real - How to Select a Policy that will Actually Help You

Let’s face it - insurance is a topic nobody enjoys.  Whether you’ve had a past experience with an insurance company that has left you unimpressed and less than pleased, or you’re like many others who just don’t enjoy shopping for insurance.  Whatever it may be, Crisp Insurance understands the frustrations many people have. Choosing to work with an independent insurance agency is a sure way to make you’re selecting a policy that will actually help you.

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