Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

Insurance can be sold through captive agents, independent agents, or directly to the consumer through the internet.  A captive insurance agent is an agent who only works for one company. This means he or she only knows one company’s products, policies, or guidelines.  An independent insurance agent is someone who does not work for a particular insurance company, but instead can sell policies from multiple companies. Crisp Insurance Management LLC is an independent insurance agency working for you the customer! Keep reading to fully understand what that means for you.  


We Save You Time & Frustration

Navigating and understanding the insurance industry can be difficult and a pain.  Not only does looking for insurance take time, but it can be hard to understand the in and outs of insurance policies.  Most of the time, those seeking insurance are left discouraged and frustrated with the jargon and countless contact forms they run into.  

When you choose to consult with an independent insurance agent, we will meet with you and sit down to really understand your insurance needs, situation, and budget.  Then, since we are not tied down to one insurance company, we are able to present you with quick, custom quotes from multiple insurance carriers. We present this information in an easy to understand way, ensuring that you can make the best insurance decision for you, your family, or your business!


We Work For You

As an independent insurance agent, we are not employed by any insurance company - we work for you the customer.  This means you’re guaranteed unbiased advice that is given with the best intentions in mind. Since we aren’t employed or affiliated with any specific insurance company, we always work to help our customers select the best policies that make the most sense for them and their budget.

If you’re attempting to navigate the insurance industry to find affordable insurance for you, your family, or your business - contact Gary Crisp at Crisp Insurance Management.  We’re here, ready, and happy to help find a good policy that meets your needs and budget with no bias.  

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