Why Do I Need Liability Insurance for My Small Business?


Liability insurance covers any legal costs that you might encounter if you, your employees, or your products or services are accused of having caused injury or loss to a third party.  Even if you’re home-based, you should have general liability insurance for your small business. 

General liability insurance policies can cover an array of costs.  Liability insurance pays for lawsuits when you’re sued by a third party (any individual not employed by your business), any lawyer fees, court expenses, and damages owed to the party who sued you, and covers claims concerning property damage, bodily injuries, advertising injuries, reputation damages, copyright infringement, slip-and-fall incidents, and other common lawsuits.  Some policies may also cover the immediate medical costs for people injured on your property, such as ambulances, ER fees, etc.

For example, maybe you’re a photographer whose small business location is an at-home studio.  You are setting up the finishing touches at your studio, waiting for your client to arrive.  Just as the family walks in, the mother trips over one of your electrical cords and falls to the ground, breaking her arm.  The family sues you for $50,000 in medical damages.

In this example, liability insurance would cover the cost of the lawsuit, including the lawyer fees and the final judgement or settlement in the case.  Another benefit of liability insurance is that the insurance company often helps small businesses settle their lawsuits, saving you time and money.  By providing financial backing and defense when intangible things go wrong, you can act fast and prevent small problems from becoming big ones. 

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